Starlight Recovery HousingMake the most of your stay


We provide everything you need to have a safe and healthy space to call home. In order for your recovery to stay on track, we require the following from all of our residents.

We Require:

  • Abstinence from alcohol and drugs
  • Five self-help (AA, NA, CODA, etc.) meeting per week
  • Compliance with all prescribed outside clinical services
  • Participation in morning and evening meditation and check-ins
  • Maintenance of personal and community hygiene

A three month commitment is preferred.

Courtesy, honesty, loyalty, a commitment to care for one another, honoring vigorous standards, and service to others are the values demonstrated and cherished at Starlight Recovery Housing. All of our residents continue their treatment with an outpatient facility, while being active in service to the community and working or going to school. Being involved with the community helps to develop and build healthy routines.